Am I?

Some of these traits are very Asperger like while others are just part of growing up and some maybe linked to Aspergers at a later date after more research has been done. Other traits will just be me. Over time we learn to do things a certain way to blend in better and so that a trait disappears and we step closer to being like normal people. Note that normal here doesn’t really mean much just that it is used to describe the majority of people, the average, nothing else. Personally though I prefer to carve my own path and enjoy getting to know myself better. I’m not trying to step closer to the norm. I’m just trying to be more comfortable with me.

Girls having autism is far less common than boys however most of the research has been done only on boys. So either girls mask/imitate the social skills better or this fact is true.  I’m undecided.

Grew up in a loving caring household and environment and managed to hide and pass oneself off as a normal person for all these years. After imitating for so long felt tired of pretending and felt great relief at finally beginning to understand and know more about thyself in respect to Aspergers. Discovering Aspergers brings relief but also excitement along with the natural tendencies of nervousness.

Thank you Temple Grandin for your pioneering efforts in Autism.

In no particular order….

Visual thinker
Takes things literally
Answer reaction time slower than most people, speaks thoughtfully
Over analyses everything
Not good at multi-tasking
Unlimited Curiosity
Prone to ask “Why?” often
Enjoys make believe games
Well behaved
Insomnia during high school years only
Worries about everything
Very good sense of direction
Strong sense of right and wrong
Likes structured activities
Appears secretive
An extremely private person
No signs of eating disorders, enjoys food
Sweet tooth
Doesn’t like looking in the mirror
Feels like an observer, or an imposter

Boundless energy
An angelic smile
Never looks directly at the camera when photo being taken
Writes and draws holding a pen between the middle finger and the index finger
Bed wetting until 12 years old
Clumsiness navigating corners
Good eye hand coordination
Tantrums if morning toast “broken” when buttering
Likes soft clothing against the skin (cannot have coarse wool directly against the skin)
Loathes the sound of strong wind
Loathes the smell of flowers
Loathes high pitched electronic sounds
Dislikes certain food textures
Anemic at times
Scared of heights
Sensitive to bright sunlight
Walks with head leaning slightly to one side
Bites finger nails

Plays competition sport
Plays competition chess
Stamp collecting
A good listener
Librarian, Film Projector Monitor, Lab Technician at school
Loves puzzles, games, codes, tangrams,…
Plays board games
Enjoys reading
Writes letters to pen pals
Has few friends
Told to watch tone when speaking
Makes model airplanes and does paint by numbers
No interest in dolls
Tags along with others in social situations wanting to fit in but never really enjoys
Takes criticism poorly
Very good at mathematics and science subjects
Poor at written and verbal communication
Detests high school social environment
Gets on well with the elderly (due to enhanced listening skills perhaps?)
Uses alcohol from 15 years old to compensate for lack of social skills when socialising
Enjoys watching insects and clouds, climbing trees
Never into the latest fashions or hairstyles
When reaching sensory overload says, “…can’t think anymore, … brain hurts.” and retreats somewhere quiet under order is restored
Doesn’t like crowded situations
Prone to inappropriate yawning, which upsets others
Likes going to the hairdresser for the scalp massage not for the conversation

Hallelujah – Susan Boyle


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