Yeah, No…but….

“No'” is the answer to most questions I am asked. It gives me time to think about the question and to change my mind if need be. Sometimes it is too late but usually it saves me from saying “Yes'” to something I shouldn’t be doing in the first place. Now this trait is something that seems to be in the English speaking sphere that is quite common.
This idiosyncrasy of mine irritates DH as we always look at a question from the opposite side. DH starts with “yes.” I start with “no” and we usually meet somewhere between. Sometimes if the answer is “no,” then the questioner doesn’t allow the answer maker to change their response. Obviously it depends on the question? Sometimes we say “maybe” to leave the door open.
It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind!
What a fickle lot we are!

Count your responses to questions put to you today.
How do you respond? No? Yes? Or Maybe?
Are you surprised by your own answers?
Do you think this reflects on your mood?
Do you start with “No'” to stall for time?
Does it show strength to say “No?”
Does “No” suggest that your time is valuable too.
If you say “Yes” all the time does that mean you value your time less? Or does that mean you are great at multitasking?
Is “No” a subconscious hand break to stop us from heading down the path towards depression?

Yeah, No Phenomenon
Listen carefully these days when you ask someone a question and you will get both answers one after the other.
“Yeah, no,….” really means “no” but it softens the blow.  So why don’t we say what we really mean then?
For someone learning English as a second language I can’t see this helping at all. Completely illogical.

British Humour – Little Britain

American Humor – South Park

Say Yes – Floetry


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