How many revisions does it take to make it OCD?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Repetitive actions are a sign of this disorder and those with Aspergers also show having some signs of OCD. The most well known repetitive action is the hand washing. If you wash your hands before a meal or after getting home from work, or before preparing food or after visiting the bathroom then this is perfectly normal. Obsessive hand washing might mean washing your hands so often than you make your hands raw. Not so funny now.

Surprised by your vote? Other people’s votes? Where would you class OCD when it comes to your score? What number are you comfortable with? There are a number of factors. The type of blog, words, picture, video? Length of the blog? Weekly blog? Daily blog? Time allocated? An opinion piece? Factual piece with references and diagrams? So many things to think about really. Then again, does it really matter? I’m just happy that there is autosave now. I remember the days of typing something on a computer, forgetting to save it, the computer crashing and the work gone forever.

When is your writing finished? Is it ever? If you have a deadline then you know when it is done. But is it finished? Sometimes we just need to know when to leave a piece of writing and say it is done and to move onto the next piece. Making something perfect is not the goal of writing but to communicate with another in the best way we know how at the time. If we are striving for perfection then we run into trouble. Being the best and being perfect are not the same thing either. Trying to do our best is not the same every day either and we need to give ourselves some slack. On a bad day our best will be less than the best on our good days. We need to recognise this and remember that we are living a life that is a journey that requires times of sprints, leisurely strolls and rest. We need to know that we need to pace ourselves and to be kind to ourselves.

When I’m Gone(The Cup Song) in Gaelic


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