Water between meals

Drinking water with your meal dilutes the acid in your stomach. Acid that is necessary for the breakdown of your food. Drinking half an hour to an hour before or after a meal will benefit your body better. If you suffer from acid reflux then reducing or stopping drinking with your meal may make your life easier. Acid reflux is caused by the stomach being less acidic than it should be to function properly and it is the acidic juices being rejected from the stomach towards the mouth where the burning sensation comes from along the oesophagus. Acidic juices in the stomach are quite at home there and that is where they should stay.

I keep thinking of the ideal number of glasses of water to drink during the day and that magic number EIGHT pops into my head. So many sources say eight glasses of water a day. What better way to count that to have water with the meal. So easy for the memory but not so easy on your stomach. Do we really need so much water each day?

The Mayo Clinic suggests “Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of fluid a day.”

Ayurveda suggests consuming water in this way. Forget the ice and don’t drink it too cold. Room temperature or warmer.

Drink fluids between meals

Waters – Got To My Head

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