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I love the rain. I like the sound of the rain on the roof when I’m lying in bed. I feel at peace with the rain. I don’t mind getting caught in a rain shower in the summer. One of my favourite memories of rain is of sitting around the table among the tress in the backyard while it’s raining and we’re drinking cava in the peak of summer. I didn’t care that I was getting wet. It was so humid and so unbearable before that so when it finally rained it was bliss.

I love the rain as I have said but I hate wind. Some people associate rain with depression and sadness but I don’t. I never really thought about the reasons why I felt so strongly about the wind and the rain.

I grew up in an area where the Foehn winds were common in the warmer months of the year. These winds affect people, it makes them restless and irritable. In schools the children become unmanageable and new curriculum plans get shelved for another day instead easier topics are chosen to gain better attention of the restless classes. For us the foehn winds were northwest winds and although the sky looked beautiful with the clouds rolled back to form an archway across the entire sky it meant the weather would be hot and dry for a spell. The results for me were great, long summer evenings but the route to get there was never pleasant. Trees overturned. Power outages. Fire warnings. It felt like a typhoon when the winds came roaring into town. The farmers were not happy either as there were no rain for the crops. Mother Nature is never fair in dealing out her weather.

I thought back to the days of the Foehn and realised that the weather deeply affected me back then. Call me sensitive but my ears are ringing as I write this. My tinnitus is really loud at the moment and I can’t stand to be around other noise that is high pitched. It’s distracting me away from what I want to write.

“When atmospheric pressure is measured by a barometer, the pressure is also referred to as the barometric pressure.”*

I wondered if barometric pressure had any affect on me. I have wondered this for a long time. I download the app, Barometer to monitor how I feel in relation to the barometric pressure. I feel better on days when the barometer doesn’t move or has minimal movement. More research required. Search online for Aspergers and barometric pressure and there are hundreds of thousands of results. I am not the only one to notice a change in myself depending on the weather.

This throws up more questions than answers for me. Does the air pressure affect the inner ear, the brain or the mind or all three? Do we imagine that we have a closer connection with nature when in fact we don’t? Do we feel settled when the barometer is stable? Does the feeling of unease occur when the air pressure is higher or lower? If the air pressure changes while we are asleep does this still affect us? Or not at all? Do we just feel susceptible to air pressure when we have a cold or are run down, or have a weak immune system? Is that really what it comes down to? Some people feel it in their bones after a bone breakage, or some feel it with arthritis. What is it exactly that we feel? No idea really. Do we just imagine it? Is it real? You tell me.

Suggestion: Screen capture on your phone the barometric pressure morning, noon and night or when you feel your mood change. Note your mood. Smiley face, neutral face, sad face to note your mood if that makes it easier. Once a day is perhaps not enough but I suppose it depends where you live, in relationship to the poles, equator, island or continent. or the time of year.
Write down your findings in your journal or diary.
Example: August 17, Sunday 10am 1022 😐 , 2pm 1018 😐 , 8pm 1008 😦

Note: iPhone 6 will possibly have an inbuilt barometer to accurately give weather information!

Who is Pascal? Find out more here.
What is hpa? Find out more here.

Becky Hill – Caution to the Wind

2 thoughts on “Pascal in the sky with me

  1. Nice post. The effect of pressure is real, if you ask me. i can feel it emotionally for sure.

    I also hate wind because i grew up in North Dakota and it never stopped, mostly because there is nothing to stop it.


    • Hi Joe, I always imagined living on a continent would be more peaceful, less wind! We can’t get away from it! I will never buy a house at the base of a hill again. That was the worst ever. The wind just whipped itself around the house and screamed. Dealing with a possum falling down a chimney is better than a raging wind.
      Today is almost without wind. Overcast 1024 🙂

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