5 thoughts on “Does education pay?

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  2. I wonder where that figure for the United States came from. I know a few billion high school teachers in about 30 states, and not a single one makes that kind of money! That kind of salary is more in line with untenured and assistant professors at colleges.

  3. Education system in Nigeria makes me sad. I remember finishing teachers training and swore I would never teach, this is not because I didn’t want to or I am not capable but the salary is not only sad but not always on time.

    • I taught for a while and became disillusioned with education. Those that have the luxury of being able to have an education aren’t interested, the pay for staff is poo compared with other occupations, respect for education is low in society. People don’t know how lucky they are until it is too late.

      I believe that knowledge is key to life, it doesn’t necessarily need to come from a traditional school but to allow everyone access and time to further their interests and nurture their ideas.

      A wise decision to not proceed in teaching. One needs an income to live. However a sad day for education when a person caring enough to train decides not to go further. Completely understand.

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