What’s the price of a loaf of bread?

Why is bread taxed at 15% GST in New Zealand yet in the UK, Canada, Ireland and Australia there is ZERO tax on staple goods?
How much is a loaf of white bread where you live?  (These prices are in US$ and were based on 500g of white bread.) How is bread taxed in your country?

Data sourced from http://www.nationmaster.com, http://www.ey.com , http://www.taxadmin.org(2014)


13 thoughts on “What’s the price of a loaf of bread?

    • I noticed this when travelling in Europe and thinking how wonderful it was that staple goods were taxed at a lower rate. Books are taxed at a lower rate in certain countries too. That may be a graph for another day.

  1. Food was exempted from sales tax when the GST was introduced into Australia, it was a concession to get the tax through. I live in North Cyprus where a loaf of white bread costs 60 cents – and it’s delicious!

    • Wish NZers were smarter. NZ could always copy the Australian GST model. If they were wise to the fact. Never too late to change a system.
      Envious of your life in Cyprus, not just for the price of bread!

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