Crime against Autism

UPDATE: (14 September 2014):
“Five Bay High School students, all minors, are suspected of victimizing a classmate through a fake ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
The boys identified as suspects are between the ages of 14 and 17, Police Chief Mark Spaetzel said, adding that the investigation is not complete….
The police will turn all evidence over to the county prosecutor to determine charges when they complete their investigation…”
“No one has been charged or arrested in the case.”


Comedian, Drew Carey is offering a reward of $10,000 to help the police find those responsible for the despicable crime against an autistic teen in Bay Village, Ohio, USA. See here for the article. This was a crime, not a prank. I hope those responsible are caught and prosecuted.
This was not an ASL bucket challenge.


2 thoughts on “Crime against Autism

    • Reward money now reaches $30,000.
      This despicable act made me so angry and so disappointed in people.
      Will the punishment fit the crime, though? I wonder if they will get off with just a warning and no record. I hate to be pessimistic about this but I have seen how schools work to try and cover up crime. Reputation is everything. Too late this time. Police are involved so we can hope for the best. Plus the media will expect answers.
      Making people aware of bullying is important. It’s not okay under any circumstance. Bystanders need to speak up and discourage the talk, the behaviour. It would be nice if bullying was extinct. It’s not so please keep blogging about it when it happens.

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