Is buying a SodaStream machine worth it?

  • I don’t drink soda, by that I mean sugar-laden carbonated caffeinated or non-caffeinated drinks. I haven’t for many years.
  • I don’t buy sugar-laden juice from the supermarket. If I have juice I make it myself and when I do it is a mix of vegetables/fruit.
  • I’m cutting down on my caffeine intake. I have a double espresso maybe once a week or once a fortnight now.
  • I’m cutting down on my wine intake. I want to substitute wine with sparkling water. I want to be healthier.

Why am I thinking of buying a SodaStream?
I want to drink carbonated water/sparkling water instead of wine. I’m NOT interested in adding flavours.
Buying bottled sparkling water is expensive and I want to see if buying a SodaStream machine is cheaper.

Here are the Pros and Cons


  • It’s another gadget to have on the kitchen bench
  • SodaStream has a factory on the West Bank for more on this read here and here.
  • Gas bottles need to be replaced. (solution: always have a spare.)


  • I can make my own sparkling wine. (I know I said I wanted to make sparkling water but one has to try this out. Homemade sangria might me quite refreshing. It could always be made without alcohol anyway.)
  • The gadget is compact. Doesn’t take up much space on the bench.
  • I can enjoy the bubbles.It is cheaper than bottled sparkling water in New Zealand.
  • Plastic or glass bottles are not thrown away with every bottle. SodaStream bottles last 3 years.
  • Gas bottles are recycled. The cylinders are cleaned, inspected, and refilled by Sodastream. Refills are bought at a reduced price of about NZ$11-$13 when exchanged for an empty one.
  • A 2 year warranty

I suppose it depends on how often you intend to use it. I could just drink filtered water, but I want to have a little fun when I’m not having wine. Life is in the bubbles! Would you buy one?

All prices below are in New Zealand dollars. Brands are local, supermarket generic and international.




We took the plunge and bought a machine and we haven’t looked back. I must say though having someone explain how to use it was hilarious. Unless you have used one before hearing someone describe the sound it makes when the carbonated bubbled enter the water is well worth it alone.
11 December 2014: We use the soda stream practically every day for water only. It has been a great purchase. A kitchen gadget that is used regularly. šŸ™‚ Our local supermarket stocks the refills so we don’t have to make a special trip elsewhere. We kept the cardboard packet for the refill so it is better to transport to and fro in the car.Ā  Still haven’t tried making wine sparkling. Enjoying the water too much. Maybe over the summer we will try.
11 September 2017: Using the soda stream about once a week. Still think it was a smart purchase.

Sparkling water – EXCELLENT
Flavoured sparkling water – POOR (Tried a sample no sugar lemonade flavour that came with the pack. Didn’t like it at all.)
Sparkling wine – untested to date.


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