Why toast?

When I was small, before the time when I could butter my own toast, one of my parent’s would do it for me. If the toast was “broken” in anyway I would have a tantrum. The toast had to be whole. You know when toast is overcooked or it sits out too long and gets hard and brittle, well I didn’t like that at all. I would show my dislike the only way I knew how, a tearful scream and shout. Later when I could make my own toast I could be prone for a tantrum too. When visiting my grandparent’s house I would make sure I was up and ready for breakfast with grandad as he had a habit of making all the toast at the same time and placing it on the table in a rack. It was cold and brittle by the time you got to eat it if you were slow getting up. In those days bread was toasted on the grill of the gas range. Later they had an electric toaster with one heating element in the centre with two flip down sides, the toast had to be turned over to get both sides toasted.  I would listen for the sound of door to the kitchen being opened and grandad walking around. I was always prompt for breakfast.

Scenario 1: The toast broken while spreading butter or Vegemite or jam or peanut butter.
Result: Extreme chance of a tantrum, prepare for loud noises. Suggest to under cook toast.

Scenario 2: The toast broken while cutting the toast in half.
Result: Extreme chance of a tantrum, prepare for loud noises. Suggest to use a sharp knife when cutting.

Scenario 3: Toast prepared and cut without breaking. Followed by toast being eaten.
Result: No chance of tantrum

Odd Conclusion: Toast bitten and chewed does not appear to cause tantrums despite the fact that the toast is no longer whole.

I am not proud of my tantrums but they were a part of me. I do not deny it ever happened. I wish instead to thank my parents for their limitless patience with me. I no longer have tantrums when food is broken but I feel much happier when the food remains whole until I am ready to eat it.

Interesting Toast Fact: The term toast comes from the Roman practice of dropping a piece of burnt bread into the wine. This was done to temper some of the bad wines the Romans sometimes had to drink….The charcoal actually reduces the acidity of slightly off wines making them more palatable.
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2 thoughts on “Why toast?

  1. How delightful – not the tantrums, the story! I lived with my grandparents for several months when a toddler. They were Welsh and lived on bread, jam, tea and cheese. I don’t remember eating anything else. My grandmother would set an ordinary plate on a gas burner, add a slab of sharp white cheddar and let it melt, then slide the gooey mass onto toast. I still don’t know how she kept the plate from breaking! My parents were very strict: you simply did not refuse to eat whatever was put in front of you. That meant eating EVERY last bite. In a way it was good – I will eat just about anything but Lima beans and cantaloupe. LOL

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