The unread ones

Are the unread books on your shelves just as important as the ones that you have read?
Do you have the time to read?
Name one unread book on your bookshelf.
How do you chose a book to read?
Do you buy them online? Kindle version? Go to the library? Don’t bother?
What language do you read books in? Do you prefer to read in the author’s native tongue or do you read the translation?
Have you ever ordered the same book twice?
Do you own the same book in different languages?
Do you prefer first editions, hard covers, paperbacks, kindle, don’t care?
Do you let books go or do you hang onto them?
Do you lend books out? Or guard them with your life?
Do you dust the shelves?
How do you arrange your books? Alphabetically? Dewey Decimal? Grouping of interests? Height?
What stops you from buying a book?
Do you ask friends for recommendations? Do you read blogs, the online selections for ideas?
Do you read sitting in a chair, lying down, on a sofa, on a daybed, in the sun, by the fire?
Do you fall asleep while reading?
Do you read lots of books at the same time or just the one?
How do you mark your page to continue reading?
Can you read in public, in airports, in cafes, at the beach?
How do you feel when you get to the end of a good book?
Why are books more expensive in some parts of the world?


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