Communis et nuts


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Warning Allergy Sufferers: This post contain Nuts and Wrinkles

Communication is part of being human. So if we lost the ability to speak would we be able to communicate? Yes.  If we lost the ability to see would we be able to communicate? Yes. If we lost the hear would we be able to communicate? Yes. If we lost the ability to feel would we be able to communicate? Yes. If we lost the ability to reason would we be able to communicate? Yes. If we lost the ability to dance would we be able to communicate. Yes. If we lost the ability to think would we be able to communicate? No. Probably not. Mm….

When we communicate with another person do we really convey what we want to say? Do we know what we want to convey? Does the other person listen and understand? Is it important that the message is conveyed and understood? Is one thought conveyed more important than another thought? Does it really matter?  Is language enough to convey our thoughts? Is one language better at conveying emotions than another? Do we really need to speak to communicate? Sometimes silence when sitting with another speaks volumes through other communication. Is body language enough? Isn’t love, unconditional love enough?

Communication all comes down to sharing an experience. Having an experience on our own we believe maybe more memorable or enjoyable if shared with another. Whether it be a spouse, a child, a parent, family, friend, stranger, pet or animal. We like to share whether we admit it or not. Even the grumpy old codger down the street, you know the one that never smiles. He also likes to share too.

Sometimes it has been so long since we shared that we no longer know how to. We believe that we may get hurt if we share and are misunderstood, laughed at, or even ignored. We would prefer to not try than face rejection. Nuts. Nuts and more nuts. Never stop starting.

Wrinkles are lines on the body, some are from the sun, others from laughter, others from hard work, sweat and tears. They are a part of us, our history whether you believe in astrology or not. We should cherish them. As we get older we gain more along with wisdom.  Gravity takes over and things which were once up become down. That’s life. We cannot change that naturally. We can in moments. We can with memories and photographs, music and film. Life is an illusion and it is what we see it is. Pain aside. I am not saying pain and illness is an illusion but our view on the world is an illusion. It is what we perceive the world to be. It is never worse than you think, nor better than you imagine. Mostly life is ordinary. Ordinary is not dull, ordinary is not boring. It is as it is. Amongst the ordinary is the extraordinary and in those moments we need to use the conserved energy stored during the ordinary in order to embrace the extraordinary. Sometimes we deal with stoic numbness, other times we weep and wail, other times we shout with joy, sometimes we pee our pants or snort in fits of laughter. We are not superheroes, we are human. We are not perfect. We are ordinary. We are not special. We are here to make the best of it whichever way we see fit. Sharing our tears, wrinkles, sweat and joys is all part of the ordinary.

For the unobtainable happiness of desire, to the endless want of more, more and more, the “never be full”, just you remember the glass is always half full, you can never achieve the full glass. The joy is in the half full glass. The joy is in the contentment with the half full glass. The contentment of what you have and whom you share it with. The time you spend sharing with someone. Spending time with someone doesn’t always involve spending money, it is being present in the moment. Fully listening to them. Sharing the time. Even if you don’t understand what the person is saying, you can listen, you can be there for them. You don’t even have to speak. You can just hold their hand or just be there. Texting online or video chatting is sharing too? Some may say that it is not quality communication. But that is just one opinion. Times are changing. Physical isolation is now no longer a barrier to communication with satellite and wifi internet, air travel routes to most of the globe. You can no longer hide under a rock. Someone will find you whether you like it or not.

Cheers, nuts and wrinkles to you all!

A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera – Say Something


4 thoughts on “Communis et nuts

  1. I have a favorite quote from Ovid: “No one ought to be said to be happy until after death and the last funeral rights.” It’s a very Roman idea, but I like it because it connects happiness to integrity. Life is a summation of harmonious thought, intent and action, not a string of unrelated impulses.

    • Not only do you invite a new name into my life but you express your thoughts so beautifully. Connecting happiness and integrity. I like that a lot. I have much to think on. Today has been a good day for me. Thank you.

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