Something is amiss

Something is amiss. Someone keeps putting my husband’s belongings in odd places.  I didn’t used to believe in elves, faeries or goblins. Trolls and pixies, yes, but not the others. (I was a Pixie when I was a Brownie.) How else can you explain it? I wonder if we need to consult a wizard?




4 thoughts on “Something is amiss

  1. For me, losing something is not an option. It makes me very, very, anxious. There is a place for everything and everything is in its place. Always. My poor wife, if she ever loses anything, even for a brief moment, she gets an obnoxious mini-lecture. Well, not so much any more as I came to realize what an ass I sound like. :-).

  2. I started wearing my keys on a lanyard and I leave my wallet in the truck. My phone stays in a holder next to the fridge so I know where it is. Calls go directly to voice mail, but I forget to check.

    • I am thinking of buying “the tile” you can clip it onto anything, and linked to an app, it can find the lost object for you. Emitting hot and cold indicators whether you are close or not. You kind of have to be in the right area for it to work. At least that’s how I think it works.
      I try to put things in the same place. “Put it away” is a motto I’m trying to keep to.

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