A Round Toit



A round toit is not a common species of bird. Nor is it rare species. A round toit is a person who continually puts things off and is often heard to say, “I’ll get around to it.”

I printed off a label today, a label that said “PRESS.” It was not a difficult essay nor a challenging wording, just “press.” If that was the case then why did it take so long to get around to it? I then proceeded to unscrew the plate next to the button, and insert the cut label. In all, the task would have taken, 10 minutes, lets say 15 minutes to be generous as I needed to find the Allen keys.  And allowing for selecting the right size key too. Why are they called Allen keys instead of Veronika keys?

I have walked passed the plate with no label for over a year. It annoyed me each time and yet I did nothing. Why has it taken me so long to do this? I feel immensely happy that I have done this task.

Tomorrow will be another Round Toit job.

The Bye and Bye

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