Filling up the car

We were on a road trip camper van-ning for the first time and we were watching the price of petrol as we travelled up the country. There was a price difference of 18 cents per litre. This was without factoring in the supermarket discount coupons. (Buy x amount of groceries at a certain supermarket and they will give you from between 4- 40 cents off per litre at a participating petrol station. ) There was also talk in the newspaper of charging a $2 road toll charge for driving on Auckland motorways to increase revenue so that they could improve the infrastructure. Yes, we have motorways but they are all free apart from the one road toll north of Auckland and I think that is it for the entire country. The road conditions are pretty good considering the small budget that the country has to contend with. We enjoyed the break away from the everyday.

I got curious as to how much tax we were paying for the petrol we were buying. This is what I found out. See the pie chart below for details.
The Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

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