The journey home


National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne ©aspergersontoast

I enjoy travelling. No. I love travelling.  But I don’t enjoy the week(s) following the return home. Is it the return to reality? The return to ordinary life? I cannot seem to get myself together for a week or so. The house order becomes chaotic. The bag is left unopened. The washing suffers. The personal hygiene suffers. I can’t sleep. I’m tired. Weepy. I don’t want to do anything. I feel low. I basically don’t feel like being home. And recently my ankles and calves have started to swell with air travel. That hasn’t helped the mood. Oh this is the Post trip blues.

The house hasn’t cleaned itself. The DIY project that was unfinished before we left is still in its unfinished state. The lawns haven’t been mowed. And the garden hasn’t been watered. Unless you count the rain. I know!

Why is it that the hardest thing about a trip is the return home. Even writing this makes me feel pathetic, stupid and ungrateful. I am moaning about taking a trip.  Come on! Some people don’t get to take time off. Some people have two or three jobs and would love the chance to go somewhere, anywhere or just spend time with their family at home. I know how bad this sounds. But I can’t help the way I feel. If you want to tell me to stop being pathetic, don’t bother. It won’t help. It will be on deaf ears.

I think it has to do with my routine being messed up.

I like to sleep in my own bed.
I like to walk in the door and think I’m home.
I like to spend time at home.
I like to cook at home.
I like to spend time in the garden.

I think I need to have a routine for the trip return. More rules and routine but it may help the transition. Don’t you have a checklist before you leave the house on a trip? It may be so familiar that you no longer need the note, but its in your head just the same. Well I think I need a checklist for the return. More lists. I’m making myself feel crazy just thinking this. Something has to change.

Suggestions from Lonely Planet:
Plan your Next Trip: start planning where to go next
Start a Piggy Bank: save those coins at the end of the day
Be a Tourist in your own town: rediscover where you live
Share the Love: Share your travel tips, advice online to others
Make Art: Use your photos, memorabilia, holiday thoughts to make something creative

David “Honeyboy” Edwards – That’s Alright

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