Understanding Autism update

Left meeting with Minister disillusioned– will James be left indefinitely strapped to a bed in hospital?

Bronwyn Pascoe

9 Dec 2014 — Hi everyone. Late yesterday I met with the new Victorian Disabilities Minister Martin Foley, and handed over all 60,000 of your signatures to help our son James.

I left disillusioned. There remains no commitment to funding James’ care, leaving no guarantee he won’t be left indefinitely strapped to a bed in hospital.

We’re hoping to hear more from the Minister and DHS today.

Can you please help us get the message through to them not to leave James Pascoe strapped to a bed and neglected? Send a quick email to the Minister’s office here: martin.foley@parliament.vic.gov.au

Reduced carers and support has left James more and more traumatised. That’s why he’s in this situation. Our son needs a proper treatment plan so we can bring him home.

James had a restless night exhausted and sleeping. Has a head twitch now may be due to chemical restraints. Difficult waiting as this is our 17th day.

Thank you so much for all your continued support.

15 Dec 2014 —We’re so relieved to tell you that the government have listened. James is now out of hospital, in supported accommodation – and unshackled from that awful bed. [more]

*Sourced from www.change.org.

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