The footprint of music


domestic dog

Music is a bit like a footprint in the sand. Birds, animals and humans make their way along the sands of the desert or the beach and each makes their own unique pattern, the depth, the gait, the speed, the rhythm are all recorded briefly in time. Some imprints are left for others to see, others are washed or blown away never to be seen again, some imprints are preserved for all of time, fossilised in rock for us to ponder on who or what made the impression. We wonder about the weather, the environment, the mood, the company. We wonder about a great many things. The grains of sand were once shells or rock, time transforms everything. From dust back to dust.

I added a Music page to my blog. A place for a growing collection of songs that will lift the mood and let me soar.

I also included my theme song, my pick me up song, the song to get me out of bed in the morning or off the couch?? The song that I play once daily, the song that kicks me into gear. The one that switches me on. The one that energises me to do something active. I don’t have to be able to sing along to it even. Do you have a theme song? Did you ever have a theme song for say… studying? Set your alarm with  your theme song.  I hope this will help. If this song doesn’t work I will try another.

Areski Belkacem – Magicien, Magicienne



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