Night cruising

It was a spur of the moment decision to go for a drive. A drive to see the sea. A drive to try and get rid of the stray black dog in the back seat. The top was down, the heater on and away we went. The wind felt good through my hair. I didn’t care that I looked unkempt. Who cares in the dark. The manual shift felt good as I changed gear. Control. I revved the car, I wanted noise where normally I preferred the quiet. The moon hid behind the clouds until we arrived at the beach. A beautiful full moon appeared as we got down to the water’s edge. The black dog played in the sand. The sand that was deliciously cool between the toes. We hugged. We weren’t in optimum moods earlier today. Apologies don’t always need to be spoken.

Sand all shook off. Back in the car. The black dog is still there but looking slightly smaller. He looks less smug, but his head is out the window, tongue hanging out feeling the breeze. There is beauty in the black dog. Just don’t for God’s sake lick my face. And sit down!

The Cars – Drive