Autistic child treated as a criminal

Kayleb Moon-Robinson has a record now and is classed as a felon.
He was arrested in the state of Virginia, USA.
He is an 11 year-old boy.
He has autism.
The police officer arrested him for “kicking a trashcan”. The police officer saw him do it. He tried to grab the boy and the boy resisted and was also charged with resisting arrest.
Again I say he’s 11!
Over zealous law enforcement, by the looks of it. Where is the justice here?
April is Autism Month. More understanding needed by the arresting officer.
If you want to sign a petition to get the charges dropped for Kayleb Moon-Robinson click the link here at
123,723 supporters 994 people have signed the petition so far today. 3226 signatures and counting…
For more on this story please click the link below.

James Bay – Hear Your Heart


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