Court clash between Green Bay High School and student with Aspergers

Students have the right to study. In fact there is a legal obligation to attend school until the age of 16 years old in New Zealand. After your 16th birthday you can chose to stay on or leave.
Ignorance, lack of empathy and apathy has a lot to answer for today. I only glance at the news these days because I find the negative spin quite disheartening. Yet this headline caught my eye because of the word Aspergers.
The Human Rights Commission, The Disabilities Commission, Crown Law, IHC and the Green Bay High School all have an interest in this case. The school is trying to overturn a ruling to allow the Asperger’s student back into the school. The student was 14 years old at the time of the incident back in 2013. It was an altercation between the said student and a teacher with a skateboard. The student is no longer in the area but would like to return to the school despite the obvious resistance from those in authority at the school.
Give this student the support and help he needs to allow him to stay in a main stream school environment.
When a student has a desire to learn, give them all the help they need. This is the time to build their foundation for the rest of their lives. Let’s make it solid so they can stand on their own later in life feeling loved, supported and encouraged.
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Harman Singh made my day yesterday. His selflessness touched me. He removed his turban to help stop the bleeding of a head wound of a child who has just been hit by a car. He acted without thought. You might be thinking how kind but it goes further than that. Harman is a Sikh. Sikh men wear turbans for religious reasons. Aside from covering hair the turban or dastar represents honour, self-respect, courage, spirituality, and piety. They never show a bare head in public.

Selfless Sikh praised worldwide article

Look before you leap doesn’t always match the ocassion. Sometimes it is better to leap before you look. Perhaps he has read W. H. Auden? Thank you Harman for caring.

The World Beyond Your Head



The World Beyond Your Head: On Becoming An Individual In An Age Of Distraction
by Matthew B. Crawford

I am 9th in line to read this book after requesting it at my local library. There are three books in circulation so I urge those reading to read faster. Any book that makes you think for yourself is a good one. Looking forward to getting the email to come and collect it.

Portrait of the Autist as a Middle Aged Man by Rod Dreher

Have I been living under a rock? Am I the last person to know the term autist? Even my spell checker doesn’t recognise the word. I checked the definition and it is someone who either is autistic or plays minecraft too often depending on the source. I confess to owning minecraft but I would say that that was beside the point.

In reading Rod Dreher’s article I noticed something that I had in common with him. I’m not a middle aged man yet I also have noticed as I age that I am living more in my head and also becoming more honest with myself. I am tending to listen better to my inner self and do things that I actually enjoy, spend time with myself and discard the parts or people in my life that I find toxic. I am finding myself and learning to get to know the me that has been here all this time.
I am seeing better, listening better and feeling better.  Today at least.