The World Beyond Your Head



The World Beyond Your Head: On Becoming An Individual In An Age Of Distraction
by Matthew B. Crawford

I am 9th in line to read this book after requesting it at my local library. There are three books in circulation so I urge those reading to read faster. Any book that makes you think for yourself is a good one. Looking forward to getting the email to come and collect it.

Portrait of the Autist as a Middle Aged Man by Rod Dreher

Have I been living under a rock? Am I the last person to know the term autist? Even my spell checker doesn’t recognise the word. I checked the definition and it is someone who either is autistic or plays minecraft too often depending on the source. I confess to owning minecraft but I would say that that was beside the point.

In reading Rod Dreher’s article I noticed something that I had in common with him. I’m not a middle aged man yet I also have noticed as I age that I am living more in my head and also becoming more honest with myself. I am tending to listen better to my inner self and do things that I actually enjoy, spend time with myself and discard the parts or people in my life that I find toxic. I am finding myself and learning to get to know the me that has been here all this time.
I am seeing better, listening better and feeling better.  Today at least.


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