When is enough enough?
Sounds like a trick question. It depends on the context. It means to either have sufficient or adequate amounts of something for a need or desire; or to be exasperated by something.

I don’t have enough money to buy an island.
We have enough rain so we don’t need to irrigate.
She has enough sense to make the right decision.
They don’t have enough time to make the flight.
Enough! Stop it right now.

Exasperation aside what do you do once you have enough? Enough what?
Let’s look at money. If you have enough money then it allows you to do things or buy stuff.

How much is enough money?
Society measures success by measuring how much money you earn, how much you have in investments, what possessions you own. Success is not necessarily measured in monetary terms though. Success is accomplishing an aim or purpose. So depending on the aim or purpose money may not be a factor at all. You may be considered successful by others but for your own aims you may believe otherwise. Or the other way around. It all comes down to you. What do you believe? It doesn’t matter what other people believe.

How much money do I need to retire?
According to Forbes calculation see here
According to Sorted here
Retirement Calculator here
We all have different lifestyles, needs and wants, we have different family situations too. We are all different and so we will all have different answers. There is no magic number of enough.

Some people want to live beyond their means. They run into trouble and wonder how it was possible. Some people want to take lots of risk and then wonder why it doesn’t work out. Some people want to live in a dream world and expect other people to pay for them, whether it be other family members, friends or the government. Handouts and shortcuts.

Sometimes people don’t have enough money through no fault of their own. Through hardship due to circumstances they have no control over like natural disasters or being born into poverty. I am not talking about people in these situations.

How much is enough money?
So enough already. Answer the question: How much is enough money?
It depends. Truly. It depends entirely on you.
Let’s go back a moment and look at success. What do you want to get out of life? What are your aims or what is your purpose? I’m not talking about what society thinks here, I mean you. What do you want to do that makes you happy? Fulfilled? Satisfied? Worthy? Have a better idea now? Yes? Read below. If not keep thinking.
Okay how much money does it require? (If you don’t know know, find out.)
That is your number for enough money for your specific aim/purpose/goal.


©AspergersOnToast 2015

Revise, revise and revise again
This figure can change too. You may change your goal, aim or purpose and this will affect the need or the want. Remember that a goal is a step, big or small in achieving your aim or purpose.
How often do you change your mind each day? Often? Well then you probably change your mind about your direction too. Revise your goals regularly and see if you are on your right path. You may be forging a new one. Life is full of surprises and we need to work with what we have. Sometimes a wrong turn can be for the better.
Revise, revise and revise again.

I have enough money, now what?
Excellent. Well done. Good effort. Go do your thing. You know the thing that fulfills you. The thing that makes you happy. Enjoy.

Bored? Unfulfilled? Unhappy? Make another plan. If you have enough money to do what you want for your next goal do you stop saving for the one after that? Go back and revise what you want to do. Make another plan. It may come down to the fact that you have enough money but you don’t have enough time. Use some of that money to make enough time. Don’t wait until it’s too late to use that money for your purpose.

Enough time
In an ideal world we would all have enough time and money to do what we want. In reality we need to make priorities and decide what we want to do and make effort to achieve our aims, goals or purpose. When the money and time aligns, then that’s a sweet spot to be in.

Stop wasting time and get out there and do your thing whatever that is. If you aren’t sure yet. Think on in. Try something new and see what fits with you. Act now or forever be disappointed about the little words “what if.”

Almost is Never Enough – Ariana Grande ft. Nathan Sykes

2 thoughts on “Enough

  1. Enough? I’ve always had enough somehow. I made a choice to trade money for having free time to do what I want to do. Money was just a tool. It worked surprisingly well, until this year. Now I don’t have enough and I’m not being rational about it. I’m so tired of money – the need, the idea, the symbol. It hangs over our lives like a nagging bitch. I’d better get practical about it pretty soon because it’s becoming “the enemy” when it ought to be benign. I feel like a dog on a very short leash!

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