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Contagion is the word I want to discuss,  the contagious mood of people; the contagion of warm through intelligence.  This contagion should be spread. It is not dangerous. Well in the wrong hands it might be but where there is warmth there is purity. I’m not talking about arson or dynamite here but curiosity.  Curiosity, the spark that lights the fire of intelligence.

I met someone yesterday that spread that contagion. She shone with her intelligence, her warmth. Her genuine delight at another’s good news. Her talk skimming across the surface of the pond, connecting and travelling without effort. The exchange lasted no longer than 15 minutes. It charged me for the entire day. I say exchange because I could tell that the feeling was mutual. It is such a lovely thing to feel the warmth of others through communication.

A gift given freely, openly,
A gift that costs nothing,
A gift that can refused or accepted,
The choice is yours,
What is your gift?

Call me neurotic, but I can’t help but analyse…. everything. It’s an obsession. It’s contagious. To analyse is to examine something in detail, to look closely. I think that’s a good trait.

The contagion of curiosity, of intelligence can be found in the natural warmth of people. People flock to their likeness. Bad people tend to congregate together, likewise with the good. Feel uneasy with your company then you are probably with the wrong crowd. Determining your place is a tricky thing. What you desire to be may be nothing like the real you and that path that you seek can be your own destruction that you blame on everyone else but yourself. Looking at your true self and forging your own path is a daunting thing to do in life. It is full of fear and leaps into the unknown, it is a journey that never ends, until it does, sometimes suddenly without warning, other times with extra play.

A good world needs knowledge, kindliness, and courage…
Bertrand Russell

I felt the contagion of warmth of intelligence. It washed over me in a gentle flow. It wrapped me up and lifted me to the crest of the wave, it carried me an ocean away, it gave me views and support for the entire day, until I could stay awake no more.  It was a perfect day.

I wanted to convey our thanks to her. I wanted to let her know that she made a difference in our lives. She was genuinely happy for us. Her face shone. Her eyes shone. Her heart shone. She was radiant in her warmth. She was contagious. Her warmth reflected back to her from us. I know that she knew that we knew that she knew.

The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.
Bertrand Russell

An encounter with another person can lift or deflate you. A smile can turn someone’s corner. Not the maniacal grin but the genuine smile, the brief connection, the gift of no expectation, not the flirtatious glance but the genuine smile. The gift of just because you are there, nothing else.


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