Took off

Took off, bag in hand,
Only seven kilos was allowed,
I whittled my possessions down,
Twice then thrice,
I was on the line,
Strode looking fairly confident,
No one checked,
I was allowed to pass.

My relief was short because we had not left,
The moving castle had safety checks,
Heads were counted, from back to front,
Twice then thrice,
A late-comer walked in,
She threw the numbers,
They carried on,
She was allowed to be seated.

Strapped down, windows uncovered,
Carpets dusted, the kettle put on,
Cross checked,
Twice then thrice,
I sighed, unclenched my stomach,
Rolled my shoulders,
And returned my seat to the upright position,
We were allowed to ascend.

Headphones on, noise cancelling on, check.
No idle chatter, no eye contact, check
Latest film already seen
Twice then thrice,
That’s okay, I came prepared,
I was a girl scout in an earlier life,
I plugged in,
And I transcended.