If you meet one person with Asperger Syndrome it doesn’t mean that all people with Asperger Syndrome will be/or act in the same way. Everyone is different.
Aspergers is not a disease.
Aspergers is not something to be fixed.
Aspergers is something to live with and be accepted.
Depression often comes with Aspergers.

What is Asperger Syndrome?

What is Autism Spectrum?

DSM-5: The new classification of Autism Spectrum DSM-5 which was released May 2013.

Test Yourself
Aspergers Quiz

Europe Autism-Europe
US US Autism and Asperger Association
UK The National Autistic Society
NZ Autism New Zealand
Australia Autism Spectrum
International Autism Women’s Network
UK Life on the Spectrum

Everyday Asperger’s
Seventh Voice (Women’s Asperger’s Syndrome Awareness Blog)
Autism & Oughtisms
Aspie Strategy
Postcards from the Edge of the Spectrum
Asperger: The HypoSocial Human
Musings of an Aspie
Aspergers and Me
…Autistic Cook
An Aspie’s Voyage
Autism Thoughts
Aspergers: Thought My Eyes
Aspergers, A Journey of Discovery (Dutch)
Aspie Unplugged
Autistic Plant
Aspie Nooch
Married, With Aspergers
Max’s Shop of Horror

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Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandin
Women From Another Planet by Jean Kearns Miller
The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a 13 year old Boy with Autism by Naoki Higashida
Drawing Autism by Jill Mullin
Finding Kansas –  Living with and Decoding Asperger’s Syndrome by Aaron Likens
Tsure ga utsu ni narimashite by Hosokawa Tenten (Depression, manga, in Japanese)

Autism Spectrum

Being There (1979) English
Mercury Rising (1998) English
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993) English
Marathon (2005) Korean
Elle s’appelle Sabine (2007) French
Ben X  (2009) Belgian-Dutch
The Horse Boy (2009) English
My Name is Khan (2010) Hindi, English
Temple Grandin (2010) English
A Mother’s Courage – Talking Back to Autism (2010) English
Footnote* (2011) Israel
A Mile In His Shoes (2011) English
Fly Away (2011) English
Incredibly Loud and Incredibly Close (2011) English
The Story of Luke (2012) English
OC87 (2012) English
Good selection of films here

TV with a character on the Autism Spectrum
The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon Cooper PhD
Sherlock – Sherlock Holmes
Bones – Temperance Brennan

Mental Health Issues
This Emotional Life (2010) English PBS 6 part TV series
Hubby Has Depression(2011) Japanese (Japanese title: “Tsure ga utsu ni narimashite“)
A film based on a true story about a husband, office worker, and wife, manga cartoonist, who deal with the husband’s depression, his work situation and their daily lives. Not only is the topic of depression handled maturely and tastefully  but throughout there are useful ways to deal with it and better understand it. Tenten Hosokawa wrote three illustrated books on this topic. Very popular in Japan.
Unfortunately this film has not been dubbed into English nor does it have subtitles in English (granted that this isn’t Aspergers related but if we can help deal with depression better then living with Aspergers will be easier)

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